AVD Graphic Studio

AVD Graphic Studio 7.1

AVD Graphic Studio is an application similar to Photoshop used for the manipulation of images

AVD Graphic Studio software program is considered to be a miniature version of Photoshop. That is because it contains similar capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

This application can be used a professional photographer or an amateur with equal amounts of success. There are more than twenty tools that can be utilized to work with any type of image.

Some of those tools of the AVD Graphic Studio software program include cropping, bump mapping, rotating, mirroring (horizontal and vertical) special effects filters and many others.

There are three modules that facilitate the process: batch processing, frame capturing and animation. Batch processing is used for processing many images in batches.

The program supports all common image formats and can convert, resize and resample them. Frame capturing in the AVD Graphic Studio software program allows the user to capture individual frames from videos and create animated GIF files.

And lastly, animated GIF files can be created from a set of static images from many formats such as tif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, dib, png, tga, pix, to name just a few.

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AVD Graphic Studio


AVD Graphic Studio 7.1

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